Friday, January 8, 2010

The Friday. ^^

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Are you in a bad mood? See this and you'll be fine. Our very own very original making. LOL.

Instruction: Click on PLAY twice. And then click PAUSE until it's fully buffered.

Shaking heads of me, S.Phing and S.Sya.

Of the making in MY HOUSE BALCONY.

Of the playing games. Rotate your head. If you don't mind~

SYA and her Maths homework.


Amy d Ng.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


whole day facing computer...
eyes going to fatigue all account of that...

I can't sign in my facebook...
Mom office one computer blocked...
because office computer allow staffness to use for work...
That's why government blocked it...

I cannot enter NanYik's cyber cause my brother says that graduater aren't allowed to go in...
And because of this, I gotto go Zhen YIN'S house to surf. I guess if everyday like this, she might get fed up with me. I scare.

I reached hospital ws about 1145. I know I already 'mungkir janji'. I also abhor myself. Telling people not to late but I,myself done it....
Sya looks pale and tired indeed...
Her hands are 'benjol'...
She showed me but that time I was thinking that she was fooling me...
Who knows is true...
I felt sorry for her...
Sorry sya...

getting almost boring....
No one could entertain me...
Only one...
Mix fm...!!!

I miss it. Bye.

Wrote by Sphing.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Good job girl..
I didn't ask you to write,
you voluntarily wrote two posts.
Sorry, I didn't snap any photos for the event..

It make our day more dull without colourful photos..
Right? LOL..

Today quite happy..
We played badminton with rains.. Cold cold de..
Me, S.Phing, B.Teng and S.Sya played badminton inside car park..
Z.Yin, Sharon and little guys were playing inside court..
We taught S.Sya how to play, but I myself also not very good..

remember, if your badminton get better than me,
don't kacang lupakan kulit oh~

S.Sya, your photos at Chinese class when wanna upload?
It's with me now..

Finally, all the best everyone..
~ happy holidays ~


day of surprise

yesterday night i call sharon, i tell her that we wanna play badminton....
she said that she want to follow....
we planning to make a surprise for everbody.....
so we are not telling to other.....

i went to school at 10a.m. to return form 2 text book.....
i saw they at SPBT.....
they making a lot of noise like usally....
i lie to them that "my bro"(sharon) wanna play badminton with us....
SM is the first person who not agree.....
she said if my bro go, she dont want to go.....
i keep lie until sharon came.....
when they saw sharon, they very happy......
my plan berjaya.....
all of they know sharon is caming axcept bt coz she is not there......

after return text book....
sharon is going to my house until 2p.m....
she sing a lot of song.....

after that we move to bt house.....
i do same thing to bt......
i told her that my "bro" is caming too....
when she saw sharon is caming with me ......
she was very surprise and happy....
she told her mother that my bro is sharon.....
we discuss about our novel for few minutes....
after that we playing card and hav some chocolate......

we leave bt house at 4p.m......
her mother took we to sp house to plat badminton......
i'm not good in badminton so they teach me how 2 play......
they is a good teacher......
sp'bro was laugh at me coz my teknik so bad.....
we went back home at 6:30p.m.........
and sharon went back to cheras.......


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

17 september ( last day of school)

17 september is last day of exam......
today de subject is geo and sains...
both paper are very hard....
today teacher give our math paper1,sej and bm de result.....
i get 1A and 1b...
sp was crying coz her math paper 1 get below 30....
she hug Amy and keep crying.....
like a small girl.....(dont angry)

we walk back home.....
amy make some jok to make sp smile....
finaly sp was smile.....

i was very sad coz today is the last day of school....
i cant meet my friend for a month....

see u gurl tomorrow....


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


today, we are taking our bm essay and objective qquestion....and yet, pn. eliza and some form 3 students are having a something like ceramah at the dewan is really not disturbing ven it starts...but yet.....wat happen is...the eliza asking them some question, tell them bout those asrama and something else.....her voice is so loud, i cant even makes all my idea flows and i nearly cant finish my essay...luckily, none of those bad thing happen.... siew phing...dont b sad, dont cry, lucikly we all pass up exam papers in time.... pn eliza...are you really hav treat form 2 students as ur students?? you always blame us bout our noisyness, our not very well results and our disiplin problem....but...hav you ever think bout wat actually we are thinking? wat you hav understand bout us? ur action had make form 2 be more angry and always tell us to b quite...but you are the one who noisy? and most of all, today ur voice had make us 2dk11 nearly cannot pass up exam papers in time...if we hav a bad result, vil u think thats actually ur fault?no, you only vil thought its our fault who didnt study well...see?thats the main point, you are always blaming us...u make me felt very dissapointed to this school...haiz...

b teng

Sunday, November 8, 2009


jay ming jay ming, tell u something..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................



.............nothing to tell

by bteng



HAHA .. Tommorrow exam. I'm so afraid. Studies also cannot absorb well BECAUSE I keep thinking about coming holiday. I can celebrate freedom with my family and friends. Good what?! I also can go to Nan Yik's cyber for internet chating and mailing. On top of that, I can go for vacation to Kedah and Malacca. HAHAHA. oPS. Times up.Gotto back class. :)



We're in the computer lab...
Only allowed to play for 5 mins...
Wu liao right!! LOL..

Tomorrow exam ady..
Wish everyone a very good lucks..
All the best..

Hope our exam will be great too..

bee teng no comments here...

AMY and BT beside..


Tuesday, October 27, 2009



learn from jay ming..........haha

by, b teng

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


~helo everybody~~long time no see...this time this minute, there is someone writing something st my side.............

she is...............

siew is concentrating on her ""essay"
she didnt saw wat i m doing...wait until she sees this post that made by mine....hoho~

post by,
b teng


Hi. For long I didn't post anything to our blog. Extreme sorry. hehe
Okay now what?

Wow.. Recently, I got into A lot of trouble. Too bad. However still have good news indeed. Instead of telling overwhlem moody news, why not get to know about my good news? You know what? I got no struggling to sleep at night already. Gone... dissappear... Often, before lay down on my bed, all the nonsense thought came, truly hurtful one. Even worst, the stuff that I was thinking was dangerous either. No one could break my deep thought. nO matter how.

Today 21.10.2009
Yesterday night, I cannot asleep. Maybe because of evening nap too much, influence my rest at night. MIDDLE NIGHT, I woke my daddy up, want him to company me. Tell you a secret... I scare of dark. Daddy slept far away form me. But I do not care, as long as he is beside me. HAHAHA. After a while, someone woke up and he was my youngest brother. He was yelling loudly "daddy!daddy!". I guess he cannot sleep without the present of daddy.

He came into my room. Helook at him and I stare at him. hehe I said "Go and sleep la. Do not disturb me......" In my mind, I was really pity of HIM. aIYA, never mind la. Let him la. He slept beside me and went on till today morning. Fortunately, today is my Mum's birthday. After preparing all stuff, I quickly went into my master room where my parent sleep. Wish her happy birthday and kiss her... two time..


Tuesday, October 6, 2009


long time no see everybody~~~~haha~~

the holiday is coming~ but....the exam is coming too....wish you all lucky~hav a good results 4 all the papers that taken~ yeah~

post by,

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


23 september we 'i means that jia eng,shi man,bee teng,sherlin,sya,amy,zhen ying and kai sing' go to pavillion for karaoke.....

kai sing came to my house before we go to our destination.kai sing and I took cab to bus station,we were the last person reach there.In the bus Amy said i'm the noisy person and me to keep quiet,but i still keep taiking.hahahaha....
we reached at 10:??a.m. it still early so amy took we for a walk in pavillion and she said she is a tour guide.Then she bring us up and down in the pavillion,we jusy look like a group of crazy girls....

We wait Bee teng at the front door and amy use this chance to take some picture.We went up to level 5 and the worker in-charge went to search rooms for us. We went into room number 29. It was quite big and nice. And we started singing not long after that.we took a lot of food,the tables in the room were full with food and beverages .....

Bee Teng,Shi Man,Sherlin and i sang the most,but my voice isn't very nice.Amy and Zhen Ying didn't sing very much.Jia Eng didn't sing one words pun.~ J.Eng said her intention to go there is to EAT.Amy and Kai Sing was too crazy they standing on the sofa and sing "love story".Song that we sang the most loudly was "uptown girl".At 3pm,we went out. Before that Amy give an idea to put our leg together and take a picture....

Bee teng went back home 1st.We walked around in Pavilion. We were planning to buy something for Bee Teng,Zhen Ying,and Shi Man,but according to Jia Eng [if the thing is cute, the price is cutier]. Then, we planned to take bus to Central Market. No one have ideas so we straight took a bus to go back to Prima Setapak.

I bought some CD and they bought "zhen zhu nai cha' at Prima Setapak,after that we went back home.Kai Sing watch Final Destination 4 at my house, her father came at 7p.m and took her back Cheras.(I will miss u......hahahaha...)


Monday, September 21, 2009


Happy holidays everyone~
Sorry less blogging.
Even in my very own blog.

Take good care :)


Sunday, September 20, 2009


hey! everyone

what is new now? I am so boring and eyes got a bit tired, maybe sleepy. Why human one day never sleep, is like ''oh no, it's time for bed.'' Scream like hell. I think I got it. Every person possess their own special. Some loves to piggy but some of them great, got a very good and giant eyes.

I am still confuse of my own personality. Sometimes I will treat people around me friendly but often good and well-manner treat could be reject by others.For instance, a passerby saw me so I put off my brilliant smile. But I get nothing. Am I too courtesy? If I am now, push me to change. I will try my best to transform although it is quite reluctant to.

I always smile because smile is good for us. Healthy body and even cheerful face could be seen. That is why I do that. It's ok la.

Another 7days will be my birthday. Soon lo. I am full of excited and enthusiastic. However, on that day, I will not be at home because I am outstation. hmm.. to Mine Hotel.

oKAY LA. stop here. Its late dy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good morning

Actually there is some more 20 minutes, going to be 12noon. And it's going to be quite hot weather because noon is like this one what. So wassup ?

I am lacking of topic now. Hmm.. let me think of some. hmmm....
Ok, I got some interesting talk to be shared. Guess what? Holiday is coming up soon. Oh no , I should say Raya coming soon, which is next week.

On Saturday, I'm going for vacation at Malacca, approximately 3days staying there. Oh well.. there is where my hometown are. I'm going to have a huge gathering with my mom's family there. We'll be more happy there, playing thunderclap and stuff. I would looking forward to visit them and enjoy with them.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hey Good evening

Good evening, everyone.
Well... I am now writing our blog. haha
Oh erm.. today I think I am so unlucky.
1ST.. forget to bring tie. So gotto lend borrow someones
2nd.. when on the way walking to school, my.... embarrase
3rd.. forget to bring ingredient for our art class
4th.. I heard someone say I love you this word to me. Yerrr... Really...
5th.. Lonely in chinese class. No one besides me.
6th.. fall in love to someone that doesnt interested to me. shhh.. secret..hahah not telling!
I wanna go back home now. kekek

Bye. taTAZ


Saturday, August 29, 2009


A lot of posts had been delayed and postponed.
And because of the laziness of us, it's almost a mountain of it.
I don't think I am going to write it again.
And it takes quite some times to upload the photos.

We began this blog on July.
Places we had visited or activities started on July.
Activites that had been delayed since July.
It's just a click away.

1. July 25 - Jia Eng's birthday.
2. July 31 - Study group.
3. August 7 - Exercises.
4. August 22 - Sultan Abdul Samad.
5. August 24 - Times Square.
6. August 28 - Exercises.

Some might think I am promoting my blog but I am not that silly.
It's because I am too lazy.

Holidays is going to end soon.
Study hard, everyone!
Best of lucks.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

early morning

today morning ,rain heavily. Its make me wake up and I hate wake up. I DONT LIKE IT! because it is very cold. And then have to listen to my brother argument . Too early to argue lo.... Why lah? Somemore 10.30 am goin to play badminton and squash. Too lazy .. but never mind. Coz my friend here to cheer me. kidding.Fuh too good. Damn good. hahaha.
k lo...
from: Sp :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Might be or might not be.
Hye. I have never forgot this website.

To keep it updated, I would write another introduction to make sure everyone isn't confused in this precious website. And to whom it might concern.

Here we go, again, an additional to something.

8 person in a row from the eldest to the smallest [fake siblings].
ShiMan [MAN/YURI].
BeeTeng [JESS].
ZhenYin [YUKI].
Amy [A MAI].
Sherlin [LING].

First and foremost, I wouldn't have enough time to introduce all. So here it goes.
~Click, see and understand.

*Bee Teng
*Shi Man
*Sya Sya
*Zhen Yin

Interested in any of them? Just have a look. No offense.
Too bored that I made this useless post.


Thursday, August 20, 2009


It's my turn to write today! HAHA.
Today is 21.8.09, 10 days to Malaysia Independence Day.

So, this morning, when I reached school, B.Teng already reached. Very seldom she reached so early. When we were in the canteen, J.Eng, B.Teng and Z.Yin "sot-sot" jor. Don't know they ate what poison or medicine wrongly [S.Man asked me to write this].

Assembly. Cannot sit down cause the floor was wet after a downpour early in the morning. B.Teng borrowed my shoulder a lot today [for free!]. Haha. After that, we [form2&4] went into the school hall. And there's a video, kind of an Indonesia Movie. I didn't pay much attention on it.

We kept chit-chatting. B.Teng on my right, S.Phing on my left, J.Eng behind me. My back was once a bad victim of J.Eng, Z.Yin and S.Man. Very much pain. At around 9pm, the sun shone right on our faces. We moved to the back to stay away from the hot sun.

At 9.40am, we went back into the class. Teacher never come into the class, so we just play play. And I forgot to write here, S.Sya was absent! [Although she promised me to come, she failed]. Recess~ After 10 minutes being in canteen, we went into the library. Just to cool down ourself.

Science. We are entering a new Chapter again. It's Chapter 7: Dynamics. Teacher called a lot of boys to come our and become the white mouse [experiment material]. And last class, KH. Me, B.Teng and Z.Yin sprayed our project again. S.Phing also started spraying today. Her wood was kinda weird. Me, Z.Yin and B.Teng also helped S.Man to paint her project. So good right? Hehe.

And when almost time to go home, we hugging each other. Z.Yin kept complaining I am going too far when hugging. But I think I am a little sensitive on this. ~.~ And while me and S.Phing walking home, we realized Jian Yu missed his bus. Pity him.

Is this post colourful enough?

Amy Ng May Kay.


2day, i so boring coz I am interested in school.Very tired and very "wu liao". Coz my friends kacau me. I played JiaEng a lot today, but JiaEng don want me to play her.She looks so funny.KhaiSiong tease me a lot and I dislike him.


the second last day before the holiday

thursday, 20/8/09, sunny and windy

morning, the teacher said form 2 and form 4 vil hav ceramah 2moro b4 recess, and the form 3 and form 5 vil hav it after v go to our class n hav our 1st lesson-maths.....

maths~puan norizan teach us to do translation n do worksheet....but, i already do until the reflection...haha(very hardworking).....

geo~ teacher teach a new topic, the topic is mixing up vit sej...easy somehow....b4 recess, puan inthira allowed us to go recess early but v refuse coz v wanna wait jia eng for it....

recess~nothing happen, jus like yesterday, zhen yin n shi man are pulling jia eng's hand....pity jia jia eng's hand now is sm and zy's...and the leg is me n amy's.......haha....amy said jia eng xiong bu is sya's coz sya is very bian tai!....

seni~ puan muntia didnt teach, all the teacher is lazy, so v do the decoration 4 our the 1st time they didnt reject our idea n let us decorate i think the class is very beautiful! hahahaha....

moral~ teacher is lazy too so v are asleep....i sleep till i dont noe if got anything happen...haha...

wish: happy holidays!!

bee teng

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 more days until the holiday

wednesday, 19/8/09, sunny

puan noraliza: form 5 and form 3 students vil change their classes until the holidays end.
teng: why teacher didnt even mention bout us 1??
amy: coz teacher only care bout them luu...tak sayang form 2...haha...

after that.....pj...
teng: aiyah, y v all didnt hav table and chair 1...unfair....
amy: yalah, teacher told us to take at 3dk7...

teng: why 3dk7 got student 1?? then how v take??
sya: need to change vit them using the plastic chair.
man: wat?! very hot n i hav run here run there n now i still need to all this thing...i dont 1!!

teng: hey khai siong, why u all didnt help us take chair 1?? selfish...
khai siong: ok lo...

then ended up with 2dk11 full of tables n chairs coz many ppl take to 2dk11...haiz...

puan halimah: today got teka-teki 4 boys n girls...
man: wat?? got meh? teacher got tell us meh??
phing: got, teacher say it last week...(blurr shi man)

eng: why u all pulling my hand 1!?
man & yin: coz v are the police n u r the "fan ren"! haha.....

sc~teacher didnt v chat chat chat n play uno cards...while playing, amy look at khai siong n shi man shout to khai siong said amy is looking at him...but actually she is looking at the rubic cube...n sya oso act like v all tease them....

bi~mr asim giv a title" we behave differently with different ppl. do u agree?" v discuss the point.....after that, teacher write the points on the board...but...
kksiong:aiyah, why u all so weak 1? only got 2 points, c, v got three points n its all very good!
we all decided not to reply him coz it make us fool...( huh! if nt sri same group vit u all, i dont think u got three points lo! mayb got 1 only!)

then mr asim tell us bout his funny experience...
asim: that day ven i m going home, i hear 2 students singing the song "a b c d e f g..."...then ven it reaches "h", it becomes "H1N1 sesemut babi".....haha......

v all laugh except those who didnt listen...den the bells charm...finish school....

bee teng

Sunday, August 16, 2009

AMY's 100 post.

I don't mind you say me luuu.
Coz it not a true statement.
So, cannot get angry, later will be a real "lao a po".

Haha. S.Man, stop kicking my leg! See, kick again.
Learn to be more gentle and soft.
I will like that new you.
AND again, NOW, STOP touching my hands, legs or stomach.


MAN second post.

i am shiman.
so long never come to write.
actually hor, i am amy. just trying to help her write.
she write very slow like tortoise. [she kicks my leg now]. haha

= start=
today very boring arh. yin wei a, bu dong. hahahaha. hahahahaha. erm, when "di fang yan qiu" de shi hou, lao shi te di gei wo na ta de shu(hen zhong de) wo jue de amy hen fan......... hen xiang lao a po................
amy hen xi huan kksiong....................... (this one is sm write)

zhe ge dong xi shi wo xiang amy bao chou de(kksiong de shi)...............hehhehhehheh......................coz amy so fat.....hahahahaha..................


5 more days to holiday

monday, 17-8-09, still friends...haha

today morning, form 3 students are still having their, v didnt hav assembling 4 today. so happy...teacher distribute face mask to form 2 because they think form 2 student is weaker than the others......wel look weird wearing it and amy says v look like joker...haha...

first lesson is kh..boring boring boring...teacher order us to do homework and submit it today but its a, i hav a lot of nota haven't finish yet, borrow from sm...really lazy...

next, its moral, teacher absent 4 1 class, teacher very short memory...haha...sry, b4 teacher come, v play cards...then teacher came finally but the homework he gives v all didnt do and straight go recess...

recess~ sya ask sherlin bout the trip to berjaya times square vit kai seems angry vit it...sya complaint it to me and i think its normal is sm...

then is sc...teacher talk a lot of things but v didnt hear oso coz its so boring n lousy n no use..haha...

now, v are at the computer lab...taiping this blog....sya sits bside me....haha...n they all are watching wat v manners...haha...c this??

next is maths...must b boring...k, nothing 2 write dy...


bee teng( vit sya bside me)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

17 signs.

S e v e n t e e n : > You look at their profiles constantly.

S i x t e e n : > When you're on the phone/text with them late at night and they hang up/stop replying, you still miss them even when it was just two minutes ago.

F i f t e e n : > You read their texts and IMs over and over again.

F o u r t e e n : > You walk really slow when you're with them.

T h i r t e e n : > You feel shy or feel great whenever they're around.

E l e v e n : > When you think about them, your heart beats faster but slower at the same time.

T e n : > You smile when you hear their voice.

N i n e : > When you look at them, you can't see the other people around you; you just see him/her.

E i g h t : > You start listening to slow songs while thinking about them.

S e v e n : > They're all you think about.

S i x : > You get high just from their scent.

F i v e : > You realize you're always smiling when you're looking at them.

F o u r : > You would do anything for them, just to see them.

T h r e e : > While reading this, there was one person on your mind this whole time.

T w o : > You were so busy thinking about that person, you didn't notice number twelve was missing.

One : > You just scrolled up to check & are now silently laughing at yourself. :P

Now, Make a wish :)
> *
> **
> ***
> ** **
> **** *
> ******
> *******
> *** * ****
> *********
> ***** ***
> *** ****
> ******
> *****
> ***
> ***
> **
> *
> *
> **
> ***
> *** *
> *****
> *******
> ********
> ********
> *******
> ***** *
> *****
> ***
> **
> *
> **
> ***
> ****
> ******
> *******
> * *******
> ****** ***
> ********
> *******
> *****
> *****
> ****
> ***
> **
> ** *******
> **********
> ******


Thursday, July 23, 2009

This day.

This morning, everything was normal. We all were still friends [ha ha, this is not what I meant]. Don't misunderstood. Ha ha ha. One of our friends, Sherlin never came to school today, what happen to her? Can please tell us?

Assembly. Nothing related to us. First class in 2dk11, BM. We kept on chit-chatting [why still got topics to talk about?]. And then, SEJ and finally, BI before we can get to recess. Recess. Z.Yin and B.Teng kept pulling my hands. I thought my hand will come out but luckily, it didn't. So lucky~ S.Man was pulling J.Eng running around [or walking?].

Back to class. Science. Listened to formula or water neutralisation. I think it was kinda cool but when I knew it will come out in exam, I got shocked and quite disappointed. This chapter is kind of hard and confused. KH, continued our cutting wood job. While we were cutting the wood, we assume the wood as a baby [borning a baby]. LOL. I think we had cooperated to born several fat cute healthy babies. A good way to cut the wood? Ha ha.

Tomorrow is Doraemon's birthday. She is 14-year-old by tomorrow. We will celebrate for you tomorrow. Hope you will be happy with our planning [since a month ago]. He he.
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Jia Eng,
Happy birthday to you!
Sincerely from all your friends - Amy, B.Teng, Sherlin, Z.Yin, S.Sya, S.Phing and S.Man.


About Me

Name:Ang Zhen Yin
Date Of Birth:1995-8-3
Place Of Birth:Kuanla Lumpur
Favourite book:novel,comic
Favourite food:ice-cream..
Favourite movie:Detective Conan,Bleach and Naruto
Hobbies:watch movie,see novel and comic,sserch internet and listening music

Emm...i think thats all my personality gua...
I have a japanese name--Yuki...hehe...all peoples know liao de.



today is thursday, rain last nite, the floor at dewan hadn't finish v all standing 4 assembeling... the teacher told us(2dk11) to go to another class while the form 5 students using our class....feel unfiar coz v are using the bilik bahasa...why cant they giv us a new class leh...??

so, v go to 5dk4 for mathematic mathematic class very interesting, u using colour paper n cut it into 2 circle. 1 of the circle cut half n the others cut into 30*degres triangle, den v paste at book. then the teacher let us do our own work...v do wat v do chat chat.........

den is geo class, v chat again coz no teacher.... recess~i eat sya's nasi lemak~haha~taste good. den went to 5dk3...

seni class, salin nota n do homework. later, v went 4 moral class, chat again...haiz! chating all the day...

den is chinese class after eating lunch...chinese class is busy, teacher giv revision for exam...exam starts at 8/6/09...near...

den i went back home, now onlining, nobody at home coz my mum n sis went to husco 4 members day...i stay home doing homework...good girl! haha...

post by, bee teng

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

About me.

Name : Sya Sya Syahira.
Age : 14.
D.O.B : 18th January 1995.
Horoscope : Capricorn.
Chinese horoscope : Dog.
Place of birth : Kedah.
Hobbies : Swimming.
Favourite book : Detective Conan.
Favourite food : Curry Fish Head.
HP : 0172749783 or 0196353342.

Sya Sya :)

hi everyone

I love to write blog. Don't know why. Ok since everybody want me to type something in our blog then I start my words lo.
K ... I love chocolates espeacially feroro .hahaha .Nice right ? If don't like then must love it o. I am persuating you all. :P kidding . hmmm.... almost want to go back already la. I not gonna write any now . Stop here lo . So sorry ya .

wrote by sp =) smile always

About Zhen Yin and Siew Phing

Zhen Yin and Siew Phing are friends and classmate.Hmm....nth want to write eh.Today we got something happen ma??
Siew Phing: Haiz... everyone is forcing me to write something but I don't have idea.
yuki: Oh~who forcing u oo??
Siew Phing : Everyone la. no la. just kidding.
Yuki: Heng! ni jin ran play me!!Cannot forgiv u!!!
Siew Phing: hahaha. huh? why cannot forgive me? we good friends wor.
Yuki: Good friend oso can't forgiv coz u play me.
Siew Phing: But.........You know I am not playing you right? I m juz kidding.
Yuki: i also know u not the real Siew Phing.HEHE!

Amy: Ya lo yalo. I am not siewphing. Wakaka xD Since the "hahaha" there start, LoL. Siewphing ask me to come here and continue this post, she want to write a new one.
Yuki: Eh, Siew Phing want to write the new 1 o~

a day~

hehehe. i am here again. lol. surprised not?
now, i am competing with syasya on who's faster to post a post in blog.

this morning, went to school like usual. it's drizzling leh. i walked a little fast than usual. reached school, saw my group of friends again lol. so happy can meet them~ then, we skipped our assembly cause of the raining [i am happy of this] but wasn't happy because we can't attend our PJK class.

just playing cards in PJK class~ quite bored de lo. And then, BM~ teacher asked us to do drama [dialogue]. I was grouped with KoKhaiSiong. Quite happy la but then, he ruined my life a lot. Recess~ I was busy eating and writing the script for my group but I think it was no good at all.

After recess~ went back into the class and started playing again. Because teacher never attend our class. Play with the chinese boys. Play the cards. Who lose will got to tell everybody a secret that noone had heard before. Ha ha. I will post something on my own blog later~

Wend down for our curriculum marks. It was sunny. And then, came back to class and played cards again. Asked about some disguisting questions. Dunno how to answer lol.

Now, we are all in the computer lab. So cold and refreshing.

Sorry my grammar isn't good enuf and my story isn't very detailful. Because now very rushing. He he. Catch you all more soon.


competing vit amy

amy is a boring person, she wants to competing vit me at this school computer i write something lo..

today, v play cards vit khai sheng, khai siong, jian yu, amy n us i guess la...amy is the person who lose the most...ven lose, v need to tell all our secret to the others... v noe some thing secret lo...cant tell...haha


About me.

NAME: Yap Shi Man
AGE:14 years old
DATE OF BIRTH:1995 ogos 13
PLACE OF BIRTH:Kuala Lumpur, M'sia
HOBBIES:Watch televisyen, see comic or novel, sleeping, hear song......
HP:6016-2588464(if have anything 1 ask, can call or sms me...)

Ok...... I already finish tell bout me, so i stop now.......
SO, I wish us good friendship forever.......


today is wednesday, morning wake up....early de...den go to school...raining today, so no assembeling...good~~

den is pjk, coz raining, so cant go senam~ aiyah, i bring dy my use at all...nevermind la, i play ven friday lo...den is bm class...teacher 1 us to do dialog vit groups...i group vit siew phing, akma, khsi sheng, aadam, vidhya n finally is farzana...this group is some king of bekerjasama...good~~

den is recess~ me and amy eat hotdog bun...1 of my favorite of school canteen's food~(the other 1 is nasi lemak...thats alll....hahaa)

den went back to class teacher, so v all play cards vit khai sheng....said something secret ven losing....den some 1 told us to go dewan 4 the kokurikuklum submition...ok la, higher marks than sri! happy~~
den go back cards oso, v at cmputer rooms...taiping this blog, amy said she is soooo cold...mayb coz got air-cond here...good~~~~ haha

bee teng(vit amy aside)


Well..i've have my own blog and i write my life over there,but here,nothing to write so i try to write out what i can think rofl..

finding things to write..later continue @@...blur-ing now :X

sher lin :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

A start of something new.

Name: Amy Ng May Kay
Age: 14 years old.
Birthday: 11th May 1995
Birthplace: Lourdes, Jalan Ipoh, KL.
Current Location: Setapak, KL.
Horoscope: Taurus.
Chinese Horoscope: Piggy.
Eye Color: I guess, black.
Hair Color: Black and look chocolate-red below the sunlight.
Height: 159cm.
Hobbies: Sleep, Basketball, Badminton, Surfing, etc.
Ambition: Haven't chose one yet.
Siblings: 2 lovely elder sisters.
Idols: Mum, dad, MJ, Akon, Jay Chou, Wu Zhun, Lady Gaga, etc.
Movies: TVB show and horror movies [eating and killing ppl]
Phone Number: I am not that open. Ha ha ha.

Right Handed or Left Handed: My right hand has more energy.
The Shoes You Wore Today: Slippers and school shoe.
Your Weakness: Always sleep and easily forget things.
Your Fears: Small insects and long study hours.
Your Perfect Pizza: No pizza.
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Study hard, happy family, built more friendship.
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: "Huh"?
Thoughts First Waking Up: Is it my happy day?
Your Best Physical Feature: No where.
Your Bedtime: 12am. Cinderella ran home.
Your Most Missed Memory: Wangsa Maju friends.
Pepsi or Coke: Coke.
MacDonalds or Burger King: Both almost the same.
Single or Group Dates: =.=
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton Ice Tea.
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate.
Cappuccino or Coffee: Not any of them.

Do you Smoke: No.
Do you Swear: Yes, when I sing the song " I swear " by All 4 One.
Do you Sing: Yes but it rains everytime I started singing.
Do you Shower Daily: Of course lol.
Have you fall in Love Before: Yes. Twice. [truly in love].
Do you want to go to College: University better.
Do you want to get Married: See first.
Do you belive in yourself: Yes. I always been.
Do you get Motion Sickness: No.
Do you think you are Attractive: Not at all, I guess.

Are you a Health Freak: YEAH.
Do you get along with your Parents: Yes.
Do you like Thunderstorms: Nono. Always distract my sleep.
Do you play an Instrument: No.

In the past month have you Drank Alcohol: No.
In the past month have you Smoked: No.
In the past month have you been on Drugs: No.
In the past month have you gone on a Date: No.
In the past month have you gone to a Mall: Yes. A lot.
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos: No. It is ban in England. Mum refused to buy.
In the past month have you eaten Sushi: Yeah.
In the past month have you been on Stage: Choral speaking? Yes.
In the past month have you been Dumped: Never.
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping: No.
In the past month have you Stolen Anything: Yes. I stole food cooked by mum very often.

Ever been Drunk: Nope.
Ever been called a Tease: Yes?
Ever been Beaten up: Scatched?
Ever Shoplifted: No.
How do you want to Die: Yes. Often.
What do you want to be when you Grow Up: A useful woman.
What country would you most like to Visit: Around the world. Currently not Mexico, not Australia cause of H1N1 infection.

In a Boy/Girl..
Favourite Eye Color: Blue.
Favourite Hair Color: Choc-Red.
Short or Long Hair: Average.
Height: 159cm.
Weight: 5# lah. Still a secret.
Best Clothing Style: Dunno.
Number of Drugs I have taken: None.
Number of CDs I own: A few. Others weren't mine.
Number of Piercings: None. Yet.
Number of Tattoos: None.
Number of things in my Past I Regret: Trillions.



this is my second post of today, coz...finally i remember amy told me to write bout myself...ok, let me introduce myself la...

name: jessica hong bee teng
chinese horoscope:pig
date of birth: 19 september 1995
school: (primary) sjk(c)lee rubber, (secondary)smk danau kota
place of birth: kl, malaysia
hobbies: sleep, play computer games, chat vit friends, see television...n more...
favorite books n movies: harry potter, detective conan....
favorite singer: lolipop, SHE, fahrenheit...
contact number: 0172796963( pls dont simply call if nothing, i m busy)

dats all i tell...haha..


today is monday, a sleepy day...after perhimpunan, v went back to class, starts our kh class. i didnt bring my nota, the strict teacher told me to stand up for bout 30 minute la(hate that stupid teacher)...

den, starts our moral class. zhen yin went to toilet vit amy, after that, amy told me zhen yin 1 2 muntah at toilet...haah, v laugh n teased zhen yin already hamil n her baby is lai's son n daughter...haha...v call her baby lai tang tang n lai bang bang(inspiration of bang bang tang)...after doing work that giv by teacher, v chat lo...v told moral class teacher bout zhen yin's baby..haha the teacher laugh oso...

after that is recess~ den v go 4 science class, boring... falling asleep that time(hampir hampir la), den nothing happen(thats y boring)..... after that is geografi class, nothing happen oso...but! ven almost maths class, jian yu go c shi man's homework, kksheng said he is seeing shi man's ''somewhere'' n v all laugh...this thing vil happen bcoz shiman didnt put on the second button of her white shirt! haha!SO SEKSI LO... den is maths class lo...oso nothing happen...boring day...


20 July 2009.

Today,i woke up.So tired...At Moral class,Amy and i went to toilet,i saw the toilet so dirty,then i said want "ou",Amy que said i have liao(baby),i said no,but Amy said to everybody liao,also tell teacher,55555......she also tell to Doraemon and apple head that thing.They asyik call me"da du puo"i just 13 years old eh,so young only,but the word like im already menjadi "nenek" liao.
Dunno what happen to me,i just rasa i so tired,but they said something i don't want hear"have liao like this de lah""don't so emotions,not good for my baby"...they dunno how to ai wei a tired people,so kecewakan me,haiz.
About i have baby this thing is just kidding only...tomorrow can't said liao,ok^O^

i ask you all a question,must answer me o.
Why Doraemon(Jia Eng) just will write "xiao hua" at blog leh?

From cute cute's yuki :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009



“太棒了!”画家欣喜若狂地说,“真令人高兴!” “坏消息是……”负责人接着说,“那个人是你的主治医生。”

2)如果有一辆车,小明是司机,小华是乘客。请问那辆车是谁的?(Please write your answer at the comment or chat box.The person who already know the answer please keep quiet,Thank you)


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good girl.

I am a good girl. I finished up my Komsas. 8 stories, 4 poems. I knew BeeTeng and ShiMan already finished it few days ago. But I felt very proud leh. I used around 6 hours to finish it. 30 minutes each. HEBAT TAK?

Hohoho. But I haven't finish my Geografi and Sejarah. Anyone had idea when is our exam? LOL. Scared la. But since it was monthly exam, not that nervous and panicked luu actually.

About next Saturday plan, anyone who cannot go last minute? Coz always like dat de. Last minute cancel. Hope this one won't la. Coz that is for one of our friends ma.


Unlucky day(i feel la).

it is my 1st day writing this is 19/7/09...1:01am...cant sleep...sooooo boring!!!!!!! dats y i write this blog... yesterday is really a tired day, morning wake up at 10 something oso feel tired, den i go to eat lunch lo...

after eating, i went to market to buy fruits(such a good girl...haha) den went back mother friend ikut oso lo...then ven 3 something i m opening the mail, my mum told me to open the scary n horrible mail(who interested can tell me to send it to u ..haha) 4 her friend to see, i open lo...then hor...........................................the mum's friend get a big shock n shout so loud! my sis oso get shock by her scream n quickly come to computer room to c wats happen...then v all later go play badminton vit my sis friends...

at nite, i eat vit my grandma coz yesterday is her birthday...v eat at a restaurant...(so full n stomachache)...unlucky begin...b4 going, v go jusco 4 a while n drink tea at old town there, n..............i cannot sleep!!!!!!!!!until now!!!!!urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so painful...must b panda eyes i decided to write my feeling here n i try to taip something at cbox but something goes wrong...........................i felt so unlucky 2day...wish i hav a good dream after taiping this post....

(dont comment if not good ah!1st time mah!giv face a bit!haha...)

bee teng

Random friendship pic.

Amy and Zhen Yin

Zhen Yin, Shi Man and Bee Teng.

Amy's birthday.


Sya Sya and Bee Teng.


Bee Teng.

Amy and Jia Eng.

Amy, Bee Teng and Zhen Yin.

Bee Teng, Amy, Zhen Yin, Sya Sya.

Zhen Yin and Siew Phing.

from left: Shi Man, Amy, Sya Sya and Bee Teng.

Jia Eng.

Sherlin, Hui Theng, Bee Teng.
Whose picture is lesser, please take more next time okay? He he.

I knew them since 5th January 2009 which make it nearly 7 months already~
They were gila-gila and goody at the same time. You know, mixing like ROJAK?
We took exams together. We gone thru our hardest times in school. We have our sweetest times in school too. LoL. Argueing is the most activites we had. But argue makes our relationship become stronger.

Stories sure need to start...

About myself?:Xrofl

Name : Goh Sher Lin
Age : 14
Date Of Birth : 1st of April 1995
School : SMK Danau Kota
Place : Selangor,Kuala Lumpur
生肖 :Pig
星座 :Aries
Hobbies : Love To make new friends,Play Basketball,and so on xD
Favorie Movies : CJ7 , Narnia...
Singer (girl) : By2 , S.H.E...
Singer (boy) : Farenheit , Jay Chou , Lollipop...
Contact number : 019-3681217 , 0162362141

Anymore tell me :X rofl..can't think of it -.-

Friday, July 17, 2009

Candid Capture!

[ Date: 17th July 2009 ]
[ Members: Amy, Sherlin, B.Teng, J.Eng, Z.Yin and S.Phing. ]
This post's write. Amy.

Siew Phing and Jia Eng.

Bee Teng.


Zhen Yin and Amy.

Amy and Siew Phing.

Bee Teng, Amy and Siew Phing.


Ha ha ha.

Happy times together.


Ice-cream :)

Sun bathing makes our skin dark.

Amy, Bee Teng and Sherlin.

So sunny.

We again~
I have about 50 photos of today's exercises. A lot but I am not going to upload it all. It takes a lot of time!
So, it goes like this. I was sleeping tightly and suddenly ~~ touch my body, oh oh ~~ [my sms ringtone by Mariah Carey]. It was J.Eng. It was only 2.50pm. The message was written "还有五分钟就到了" [something like this]. And I rushed around choosing for a piece of tshirt and ran down. J.Eng was there and then, we waited around 10 minutes at the guard house for Sherlin to come.

At 4pm, we made our moves to S.Phing's house but we were upset that the guards don't let us go in. So heng~ So, we waited for B.Teng to come. She came after 10 minutes. And we asked her mum to fetch us back to my condominium. We started to play at the carpark because I haven't book the tennis court yet. Play play play.

I suggested to go and buy ice-cream at the mini market which was located only 20 metres away from the place we were playing badminton. We bought each an ice-cream. Yummy. After that, don't have mood to play already~ So, just walked around my condominium capturing a lot of photos.Went back to my house after that~ Rested a while. Played the computer. Made a new blog. And finally at 6.30pm, they went home. I also went to fetch mummy with daddy. :)

A day to remember,
amy kaykay.