Tuesday, November 10, 2009


today, we are taking our bm essay and objective qquestion....and yet, pn. eliza and some form 3 students are having a something like ceramah at the dewan sekolah...it is really not disturbing ven it starts...but yet.....wat happen is...the eliza asking them some question, tell them bout those asrama and something else.....her voice is so loud, i cant even concentrate...so...it makes all my idea flows and i nearly cant finish my essay...luckily, none of those bad thing happen....

...to siew phing...dont b sad, dont cry, lucikly we all pass up exam papers in time....

....to pn eliza...are you really hav treat form 2 students as ur students?? you always blame us bout our noisyness, our not very well results and our disiplin problem....but...hav you ever think bout wat actually we are thinking? wat you hav understand bout us? ur action had make form 2 be more angry and naughty...you always tell us to b quite...but you are the one who noisy? and most of all, today ur voice had make us 2dk11 nearly cannot pass up exam papers in time...if we hav a bad result, vil u think thats actually ur fault?no, you only vil thought its our fault who didnt study well...see?thats the main point, you are always blaming us...u make me felt very dissapointed to this school...haiz...

b teng


  1. HAHA!..
    its not a private blog leh!

  2. lol. Long long story. And I just knew you wrote about me :)