Friday, July 17, 2009

Candid Capture!

[ Date: 17th July 2009 ]
[ Members: Amy, Sherlin, B.Teng, J.Eng, Z.Yin and S.Phing. ]
This post's write. Amy.

Siew Phing and Jia Eng.

Bee Teng.


Zhen Yin and Amy.

Amy and Siew Phing.

Bee Teng, Amy and Siew Phing.


Ha ha ha.

Happy times together.


Ice-cream :)

Sun bathing makes our skin dark.

Amy, Bee Teng and Sherlin.

So sunny.

We again~
I have about 50 photos of today's exercises. A lot but I am not going to upload it all. It takes a lot of time!
So, it goes like this. I was sleeping tightly and suddenly ~~ touch my body, oh oh ~~ [my sms ringtone by Mariah Carey]. It was J.Eng. It was only 2.50pm. The message was written "还有五分钟就到了" [something like this]. And I rushed around choosing for a piece of tshirt and ran down. J.Eng was there and then, we waited around 10 minutes at the guard house for Sherlin to come.

At 4pm, we made our moves to S.Phing's house but we were upset that the guards don't let us go in. So heng~ So, we waited for B.Teng to come. She came after 10 minutes. And we asked her mum to fetch us back to my condominium. We started to play at the carpark because I haven't book the tennis court yet. Play play play.

I suggested to go and buy ice-cream at the mini market which was located only 20 metres away from the place we were playing badminton. We bought each an ice-cream. Yummy. After that, don't have mood to play already~ So, just walked around my condominium capturing a lot of photos.Went back to my house after that~ Rested a while. Played the computer. Made a new blog. And finally at 6.30pm, they went home. I also went to fetch mummy with daddy. :)

A day to remember,
amy kaykay.

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