Thursday, July 23, 2009

This day.

This morning, everything was normal. We all were still friends [ha ha, this is not what I meant]. Don't misunderstood. Ha ha ha. One of our friends, Sherlin never came to school today, what happen to her? Can please tell us?

Assembly. Nothing related to us. First class in 2dk11, BM. We kept on chit-chatting [why still got topics to talk about?]. And then, SEJ and finally, BI before we can get to recess. Recess. Z.Yin and B.Teng kept pulling my hands. I thought my hand will come out but luckily, it didn't. So lucky~ S.Man was pulling J.Eng running around [or walking?].

Back to class. Science. Listened to formula or water neutralisation. I think it was kinda cool but when I knew it will come out in exam, I got shocked and quite disappointed. This chapter is kind of hard and confused. KH, continued our cutting wood job. While we were cutting the wood, we assume the wood as a baby [borning a baby]. LOL. I think we had cooperated to born several fat cute healthy babies. A good way to cut the wood? Ha ha.

Tomorrow is Doraemon's birthday. She is 14-year-old by tomorrow. We will celebrate for you tomorrow. Hope you will be happy with our planning [since a month ago]. He he.
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Jia Eng,
Happy birthday to you!
Sincerely from all your friends - Amy, B.Teng, Sherlin, Z.Yin, S.Sya, S.Phing and S.Man.


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