Sunday, September 20, 2009


hey! everyone

what is new now? I am so boring and eyes got a bit tired, maybe sleepy. Why human one day never sleep, is like ''oh no, it's time for bed.'' Scream like hell. I think I got it. Every person possess their own special. Some loves to piggy but some of them great, got a very good and giant eyes.

I am still confuse of my own personality. Sometimes I will treat people around me friendly but often good and well-manner treat could be reject by others.For instance, a passerby saw me so I put off my brilliant smile. But I get nothing. Am I too courtesy? If I am now, push me to change. I will try my best to transform although it is quite reluctant to.

I always smile because smile is good for us. Healthy body and even cheerful face could be seen. That is why I do that. It's ok la.

Another 7days will be my birthday. Soon lo. I am full of excited and enthusiastic. However, on that day, I will not be at home because I am outstation. hmm.. to Mine Hotel.

oKAY LA. stop here. Its late dy.

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