Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a day~

hehehe. i am here again. lol. surprised not?
now, i am competing with syasya on who's faster to post a post in blog.

this morning, went to school like usual. it's drizzling leh. i walked a little fast than usual. reached school, saw my group of friends again lol. so happy can meet them~ then, we skipped our assembly cause of the raining [i am happy of this] but wasn't happy because we can't attend our PJK class.

just playing cards in PJK class~ quite bored de lo. And then, BM~ teacher asked us to do drama [dialogue]. I was grouped with KoKhaiSiong. Quite happy la but then, he ruined my life a lot. Recess~ I was busy eating and writing the script for my group but I think it was no good at all.

After recess~ went back into the class and started playing again. Because teacher never attend our class. Play with the chinese boys. Play the cards. Who lose will got to tell everybody a secret that noone had heard before. Ha ha. I will post something on my own blog later~

Wend down for our curriculum marks. It was sunny. And then, came back to class and played cards again. Asked about some disguisting questions. Dunno how to answer lol.

Now, we are all in the computer lab. So cold and refreshing.

Sorry my grammar isn't good enuf and my story isn't very detailful. Because now very rushing. He he. Catch you all more soon.


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