Tuesday, July 21, 2009

About Zhen Yin and Siew Phing

Zhen Yin and Siew Phing are friends and classmate.Hmm....nth want to write eh.Today we got something happen ma??
Siew Phing: Haiz... everyone is forcing me to write something but I don't have idea.
yuki: Oh~who forcing u oo??
Siew Phing : Everyone la. no la. just kidding.
Yuki: Heng! ni jin ran play me!!Cannot forgiv u!!!
Siew Phing: hahaha. huh? why cannot forgive me? we good friends wor.
Yuki: Good friend oso can't forgiv coz u play me.
Siew Phing: But.........You know I am not playing you right? I m juz kidding.
Yuki: i also know u not the real Siew Phing.HEHE!

Amy: Ya lo yalo. I am not siewphing. Wakaka xD Since the "hahaha" there start, LoL. Siewphing ask me to come here and continue this post, she want to write a new one.
Yuki: Eh, Siew Phing want to write the new 1 o~


  1. who is this silly girl ya??


  2. haha~
    is me and zhen yin at the last there.
    first first is siewphing.
    dunno write whose name lol.