Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hi. For long I didn't post anything to our blog. Extreme sorry. hehe
Okay now what?

Wow.. Recently, I got into A lot of trouble. Too bad. However still have good news indeed. Instead of telling overwhlem moody news, why not get to know about my good news? You know what? I got no struggling to sleep at night already. Gone... dissappear... Often, before lay down on my bed, all the nonsense thought came, truly hurtful one. Even worst, the stuff that I was thinking was dangerous either. No one could break my deep thought. nO matter how.

Today 21.10.2009
Yesterday night, I cannot asleep. Maybe because of evening nap too much, influence my rest at night. MIDDLE NIGHT, I woke my daddy up, want him to company me. Tell you a secret... I scare of dark. Daddy slept far away form me. But I do not care, as long as he is beside me. HAHAHA. After a while, someone woke up and he was my youngest brother. He was yelling loudly "daddy!daddy!". I guess he cannot sleep without the present of daddy.

He came into my room. Helook at him and I stare at him. hehe I said "Go and sleep la. Do not disturb me......" In my mind, I was really pity of HIM. aIYA, never mind la. Let him la. He slept beside me and went on till today morning. Fortunately, today is my Mum's birthday. After preparing all stuff, I quickly went into my master room where my parent sleep. Wish her happy birthday and kiss her... two time..


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