Monday, July 20, 2009

20 July 2009.

Today,i woke up.So tired...At Moral class,Amy and i went to toilet,i saw the toilet so dirty,then i said want "ou",Amy que said i have liao(baby),i said no,but Amy said to everybody liao,also tell teacher,55555......she also tell to Doraemon and apple head that thing.They asyik call me"da du puo"i just 13 years old eh,so young only,but the word like im already menjadi "nenek" liao.
Dunno what happen to me,i just rasa i so tired,but they said something i don't want hear"have liao like this de lah""don't so emotions,not good for my baby"...they dunno how to ai wei a tired people,so kecewakan me,haiz.
About i have baby this thing is just kidding only...tomorrow can't said liao,ok^O^

i ask you all a question,must answer me o.
Why Doraemon(Jia Eng) just will write "xiao hua" at blog leh?

From cute cute's yuki :)

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