Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Might be or might not be.
Hye. I have never forgot this website.

To keep it updated, I would write another introduction to make sure everyone isn't confused in this precious website. And to whom it might concern.

Here we go, again, an additional to something.

8 person in a row from the eldest to the smallest [fake siblings].
ShiMan [MAN/YURI].
BeeTeng [JESS].
ZhenYin [YUKI].
Amy [A MAI].
Sherlin [LING].

First and foremost, I wouldn't have enough time to introduce all. So here it goes.
~Click, see and understand.

*Bee Teng
*Shi Man
*Sya Sya
*Zhen Yin

Interested in any of them? Just have a look. No offense.
Too bored that I made this useless post.


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